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    Learn from Experts!

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    Motivational Speeches from Best Attorneys in Los Angeles

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Virtual COVID-19 Short Video Contest

Hello New Influencers! NGO Earth Agent would love to collaborate with 100 More influencers!

In March, U.S. economy lost a total of 701,000 jobs. NGO Earth Agent is creating more jobs as brand ambassadors with you, influencers, and collect donations at the same time to save our youth and young adults who are currently suffering from depression and/or unemployment.

3 Easy Steps to Participate and earn extra cash!

NGO Earth Agent is having a Virtual COVID-19 Short Video Contest from April 7th (All entry has to be done by 6th of April), 2020. Please read the instructions carefully below:

Email right Back (to ), WITH the following info:

  1. Name (nickname, stage name)
  2. Usernames of social media accounts you will be utilizing.
  3. Pictures & Bio
  4. One short cheering message/motto! (for people to feel more energetic!)

*Each participant will receive their own page on NGO Earth Agent Website. Information you reply back with will be on your page, like this sample.


Create a short video and Fill out the Form!

  1. ANY short video related to the coronavirus.
  2. Fill out the contract. (Download the Form HERE!)
  3. Submit the video & Form through email, google drive, or dropbox )

*You will be receiving a link to your own page on the NGO Earth Agent Website with the form within 12 hours upon completion of step 1.

Here are a couple examples of videos just to give you some clew (no set requirements, be creative!):



Check your email from Step 1, and …
  1. Post the video on your social media account with the link to your page given to you. 
  2. Ask for a small donation of $3, $5, $9, or other amount. (in the video, caption, description etc.) Your goal is to raise $999. 

Earn extra cash by contributing to a society. ($2,000 will be awarded to a winner. The winner of the contest will be determined by the total views of the video + the amount of donations.)


Once you reach your goal of $999, Reward of $200 will be sent to you through Zelle within 3 days.

The contest will end on April 28th, 2020. 20% of additional amount donated will be sent to you through Zelle on April 30th. (Ex. If the total amount raised is $5,000, you will receive $200 for the first $999 and the rest $800 will be sent to you on April 30th)

If your total amount donated is between $500 and $999, reward of $200 will be sent to you through Zelle on April 30th, 2020. Any amount between $0 and $500, the 20% of the total amount will be sent to you on April 30th, 2020.

You will also receive an award from the organization.

Tik Tok

*Typical Brand Ambassadors jobs (before and after COVID-19)

Posting a video or image on their social media and attach the link to their page on NGO Earth Agent website, get 20-30% back in return. This contest allows to create more brand ambassador positions with easier requirements with bonuses so that artists and influencers will be able to earn more for their bills.

All the members of Earth Agent have come from the disadvantaged part or group of the society. All have established themselves after a long and hard struggle in their life ----- Earth Agent Team