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We are working towards our goal of providing bright future for youth & young adults. Based in Los Angeles, supported by over 100 businesses and the #1 Law Firm in Los Angeles.

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Charity Event Proposal: 

AI Counseling Project 

for Youth & Young Adults

Prepared for: Influencers

Prepared by: AI Counseling Project Team of Earth Agent

May 13, 2020



Nowadays, facing Depression is more common than ever for youth and young adults. The age range between 12 and 25 has the highest rate for depression which turns out to be higher than 10%, yet, over 60% of them do not receive proper treatments for depression and similar symptoms. Main reasons are stigma, cost, and accessibility, thus, online therapy using AI Advanced Technology has been demanding and helping to bridge that gap in recent years. Our goal is to provide Counseling AI for every single youth and young adults who need any assistance. 

Organization Description

Earth Agent is the group of NGO The Better World / Un Mundo Mejor. We have been recognized by ICPO as NGO and operates out of Los Angeles and South America since 2007. Earth Agent is supported by over 100 businesses in Los Angeles and also has partnerships with NPOs in Japan. Our organization’s ultimate goal is suicide prevention for youth and young adults. 4,600 of American youth lives (ages 15-24) lost each year and the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States and in the whole world, as well. Furthermore, each year, 157,000 of American youth are treated for self-inflicted injuries.

The principle of our organization group is that “all man are equal, and everyone is a global agent from the time when we were born.” Thus, we are attempting to educate people from various backgrounds, races, and individualities based on Spirit of philanthropy. As the agent of Earth, all man have their own missions, which are based on principle of treating others rather than one would wish to be treated. And business is one of the tools to achieve the mission, therefore, we strongly believe that youth and young adults should learn about business, its’ systems, and sociology.

We are supporting youth and young adults who have a dream by providing many opportunities to learn about business. We are offering supports which help and educate young talents in various industries, including marketing, education, art, engineer, entertainment etc.. Our organization group is sharing various and rich information about business to youth and young adults who join us.

Our organization would also offer many opportunities to share and discuss about various business ideas and industry information. Youth and young adults are able to learn and apply what they have learned in a real world off of our detailed information we offer to assist you. Information, wisdom, and knowledge plays an important role in businesses.

We are also providing the opportunities for youth and young adults the place and community where they can interact with business owners as well as investors through our private lounge and parties where business owners are invited and visit. Youth and young adults that are our members have the opportunity to discuss about their current/future career as well as business ideas with business owners who are experts of whatever industry they are interested. Offering this community where youth and young adults can directly contact and exchange information with business owners motivates and gives hopes to youth and young adults. Furthermore, we are grateful for those business owners who support our principle and give their big supports as they would love to assist youth and young adults with their careers and dreams on top of wishing their future success.

In South America, We initiated the first disaster charity concert with success. It was later publicized in local newspapers and Televised.

In Los Angeles, We hosted an event at Hollywood and Highland by inviting over 200 guests. This event was a campaign to educate the public of the childhood cancer. That time we carried on movie advertising campaigns of Davis Film and had cooperate with variety of companies such as SEPHORA, a cosmetics major company, California Pizza Kitchen etc.

In 2015, We received the Valor Award by extreme rescue effort from Los Angeles Fire Department.

By receiving the award, We start to promote the project that suicide prevention and support for young people.

Our activities that Childhood Cancer eradication, Animal protection, Humanitarian support and other programs are all operated by The Better World and is fully supported by Triple Crown Foundation, Inc. as our financial entity.

In 2017 through 2020, The World Business Learning Project with 100+ success stories and advices 


What: AI Counseling Project for Youth & Young Adults

Where: Online/Fully Remote

When: Starts on May 14th of 2020

Why: Over the past decade, more and more people in nearly every age group, financial bracket, and circumstance across the country have reported worrying symptoms. They're losing interest in life, lacking zest for learning new  things, and finding that activities they previously enjoyed feel meaningless. Suicide death rates are also up 34% across the US since 2000, and the spike is especially pronounced among groups including men working in construction, stay-at-home moms, and students, according to recent Centers for Disease Control data. But nowhere is this troubling trend more notable than among young people as shown in a study published last week in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Based on eight years of data from more than 600,000 people across the US, the researchers discovered that more young people — particularly those in their early 20s — are going through sustained periods in which they're losing interest in life and leisure activities, at rates much higher than that same age group did just a decade ago. These are signs of a major depressive episode; typical symptoms can include feeling depressed, fatigued, worthless, or guilty. People experiencing these episodes often also do not get the right amount of sleep, struggle to concentrate, and may think about death often. The graph below charts depression trends from a nationwide, anonymous survey that asks participants some straightforward questions about their mental health. (The survey is designed to gain information about people's drug and alcohol use.) The data clearly shows depression rates soaring among kids as young as 12 and young adults up to 25. No age group over 25 has a depression rate higher than 10%, but the younger groups all do, and the rate among college-age adults (20-21) has increased the most. (Brueck, Hilary. “Depression among Gen Z Is Skyrocketing - a Troubling Mental-Health Trend That Could Affect the Rest of Their Lives.” Business Insider, Business Insider, 21 Mar. 2019, 

For teens with major depression, the numbers are even more concerning: According to SAMHSA's survey, only 40% of teens who had at least one major depressive episode received treatment. (Clarke, Jodi. “Can Artificial Intelligence Help With Depression?” Verywell Mind, Verywell Mind, 11 Dec. 2019,

Project Outline

  • Contacting Influencers 
  • Video/Post Creation
  • Postings
  • Rewards + Award from the organization

Target Segments

Everyone who is currently staying home, spending their time on social media.


Fairy Forest AgencyManagers of Influencers

Hit Hollywood—Advertisement/Press Releases

Youtube Actors—Fundraisers/Staff Members

Others — listed under “sponsors.”


Evidence/proof that Earth Agent Los Angeles considered for the validation of this event:

  • Instagram - average of $1 donation per 65 followers.
  • Tik-Tok - average of $1 donation per 12 likes/108 followers.
  • YouTube - average of $1 donation per 9 likes/48 subscribers/93 views

This is the result of the pilot of this project in April, 2020. Lockdown has been extended for three more months, which allows social media to have more users in the net three month.     

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*Anything after $10,000 contribution & $2,000 Return/Reward, 20% will be award for every $5 starting at $10,005.

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