311 Tohoku Earthquake Cheering Event

Undersea Megathrust Earthquake has occurred in Tohoku Japan on March 11th of 2011. We Sent out messages to Tohoku, Japan from Los Angeles to cheer them up.

On March 11th of 2011, due to this Earthquake and Tsunami, more than 120,000 buildings were destroyed, 278,000 were half-destroyed, and 726,000 were partially destroyed. The Estimated direct financial damage from this Earthquake and Tsunami was approximately $199 billion dollars or 16.9 trillion yen. Total economic cost reached about 235 Billion Dollars and became the costliest natural disaster in world history. On top of this, Tsunami caused level-7 nuclear meltdown and 164,865 people were evacuated to temporary housings and schools. To cheer those people in Tohoku up, Earth Agent sent messages to Tohoku to encourage and cheer them up.