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100+ Ways to Find Success

Upon completion of the World Business Learning Project, Series 1, we have published a book, 100+ Ways to Find Success which consists of everything we have learned through World Business Learning Project from 100+ CEOs, Presidents, Business Owners, Attorneys, CFAs, Doctors etc..

Now the book is available on Amazon Kindle as a Donation-with-Purchase product which allows NGO Earth Agent to utilize 100% of the profit towards Charity!

By reading this book, we hope to encourage readers to find and follow their passion, and work hard towards their goal & future. 


Everyone wants to be successful. There are some who dream blissfully about it, but do nothing to achieve it. There are those that fearfully dance around it, but give up when the challenges begin. Then there are the men and women who look boldly stare success in the face, grab it with both hands, and claim it to be theirs. These are the business owners who are featured in this book. Through a variety of stories and testimonials, these entrepreneurs have shared their victories and their hardships for the mere purpose of helping others to achieve their own version of triumphs.
It is no secret that working for yourself is hard work that is filled with long hours and daily rigorous chores of what to do and what not to do. Owning a business requires time and perseverance. Yet all these devout people have chosen such a life so that they may feel the satisfaction of knowing they are their own boss and they set the rules to live by. Many did not begin their road to success in a conventional way. Many could barely survive from one day to another. Those odds, however, didn’t stop them from trying. It was in that sheer determination to continue to do what they love that pulled them up from the pits and set them on the road to success.