Bright Future for Youth and Young Adults!

Suicide is not the solution you are looking for to solve your current problems. Our Mission is to lead youth and young adults to their bright future. We are here to support your education, career, and your needs!

  • Learn from Experts!

    Learn from Experts!

    Real Business Learning Experience from CEOs, Investors, Private Business Owners who are up to date with their industry. Quickest, yet, the most certain way to learn business.
  • Motivational Speeches from Best Attorneys in Los Angeles

    Motivational Speeches from Best Attorneys in Los Angeles

    Thank you for sharing great life stories, as well as cheering messages for the future of youth & young adults!

About Us

Earth Agent is a part of a group of NGOs called: “The Better World/Un Mundo Mejor.”

We have been recognized by ICPO as an NGO and operate out of Los Angeles and South America Since 2007. Earth Agent is supported by over 100 business in Los Angeles and also has partnerships with NPOs in Japan. 

Our Organization’s ultimate goal is suicide prevention for youth and young adults. 4,600 American youth lives (ages 15-24) are lost each year to suicide, which is the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States and worldwide for that age group. Furthermore, each year, 157,000 American youth are treated for self-inflicted injuries. 

The principle of our organization is that all “all men are equal, and everyone is a global agent, starting at birth.” Thus, we are attempting to educate people from any background based on the Spirit of Philanthropy.

As an agent of the Earth, all men have their own missions, but they are all based on the principle of treating others as they would wish to be treated- the golden rule. Business is one of the tools to achieve this mission, therefore, we believe that youth and young adults should learn about business, its systems, and its sociology.

We are supporting youth and young adults who have a dream, by providing many opportunities to learn about business. We are offering support which helps and educates young talents in various industries, including marketing, education, art, engineering, entertainment, and more. Our organization shares various and rich information about business to the youth and young adults who join us.

Our organization also offers many opportunities to share and discuss various ideas about business and industry formation. Youth and young adults are able to learn and apply what they have learned in the real world from our detailed information- and we offer to assist them with our wisdom and knowledge.

We also provide opportunities for youth and young adults to have a place where they can interact with business owners as well as investors, through our private social gatherings, where business owners are invited to visit. Youth and young adults will have the opportunity to discuss their current/future careers, as well as business ideas with business owners/experts in various industries.

A community where young people can directly meet and exchange information with business owners helps provide motivation and hope. Truly, we are grateful for those business owners who support our principle and provide assistance to young people. 

In South America, we initiated the first disaster charity concert with success. It was later publicized in local newspapers and televised. 

In Los Angeles, we hosted an event at Hollywood and Highland with over 200 guests. The event  part of a campaign to educate the public about childhood cancer. During that campaign, we did movie advertising campaigns for Davis Film and cooperated with many major companies such as Sephora, California Pizza Kitchen, and more.

In 2015, we received the Valor Award for extreme rescue effort from the Los Angeles Fire Department. Upon receiving the award, we began to promote suicide prevention and support for young people.

Our activities regarding childhood cancer eradication, animal protection, humanitarian aid, and more are all operated by The Better World Campaign, which is fully supported by Triple Crown Foundation Inc. as our financial entity.

All the members of Earth Agent have come from the disadvantaged part or group of the society. All have established themselves after a long and hard struggle in their life ----- Earth Agent Team