To Writers…

Please read the followings carefully:


Hello writers! We are currently looking for additional writers as one of the team members had to go back to her country due to this health situation.

Seeking for writers who can transcribe and edit interview videos and put it together into 1 book which will be published on Amazon Kindle next month.

Once submitted, we will give you a call and if you are a good fit, we would like you to start working IMMEDIATELY!

We are NGO Earth Agent Los Angeles, an organization with the ultimate goal of suicide prevention for youth and young adults. We have interviewed over 100 business owners about their background, experience, challenges they have faced, etc. as “World Business Learning” project for young adults to learn about starting up a business in their dream field. More information about us can be found here:

The book will be published on Amazon Kindle on 5/1 so that all the writings have to be completed by the end of this month on April 28th. There is NO UPFRONT Payment, meaning writers are receiving payments from the total sales of the book. The editorial department you will be in will be sharing a total of 20% of the profit.

Please expect to write about 3000 words a day.

If interested, Feel free to contact me by call, text, or email, sooner the better. We have received 350+ submission as of 4/7 and we are planning to hire 2-3 more writers for this project. We will be reaching out to a writer 1 by 1 on April 8th, Wednesday and once we hire 3 writers, that will be it. Hoping to work with self-motivated writers 🙂


Call or text: (805)552-6130