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Now Hit Hollywood is Set to Go! Please Find Details here. We apologize for unexpected delays we had experienced. Just complete the Press Releases by 9th of May, no rush! Please start posting on Hit Hollywood ASAP, that would be the first priority to bring more traffic to the website->more profit to share!

Quick Video Orientation 🙂 Please give us a call AGAIN for questions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hit Hollywood

Please create your account here: 


and edit your profile by adding bio and pictures.

In case you get logged out, you can log from:


Under “Magazine” (Head Menu), click “Post an Article” and post your written works. *If you are not logged onto this writers account created, you may not see the option of “Post an Article”

If you have old work that you have done, you can submit them as much as you want. If it is still on Amazon Kindle or online books stores, go ahead and put the link to it to advertise them. (We encourage you to take advantage of tis platform to sell your work!) 

For those who are not sure what to write about, we will be creating another sub-page underneath “Post an Article” to name a few things that would be demanded or great things to be written about.

Finally, within a month or two, we will start providing supports to publish books to make some more extra money for writers. It will be announced once it is ready.

After all, please enjoy utilizing this platform! NGO Earth Agent Team has been planned this project for over 2 years. Cannot wait for this website to take off ASAP!

Due to a really high volume of contacts and our short staffs, we apologies for all the missed calls and non-responded emails. Please feel free to leave a question in a voicemail box and we will get back to you ASAP. (805) 552-6130
Also, Please create a Zelle account by 5/15.

Welcome to HH Official Editorial Department! Find the Information Here!

Hello everyone, thank you for becoming a part of this Hit Hollywood Project Start-Up Team! Our goal is to deliver entertainment from Hollywood to every single house around the World. The purpose of this website is to excite the readers who have been staying home for months by providing them something meaningful & enjoyable to read on this Online Community platform. Please take a look at the Q & A section for general questions!

Press Release

Each writer will be responsible for writing 3 press release articles. We actually pushed back the dates for press release since it seems like it would be better for most writers to receive much clearer explanations and guidance on “what”, “how”, and “where.” (Press Release Starting on 4/20/20)

Topic of the 3 PR:

Hit Hollywood - Online Community / entertainment delivered from Hollywood. 100 young writers with love and dream encourage you to stay positive at home during this tough time period.
World Business Learning - How-To Recipe of Success from 100 Business Owners + attorneys at No.1 Law Firm in LA. You can learn how to start business with absolute nothing from Scratch.
Remote Work Company - the innovative idea of remote work; the organization provides Work, Home/apartment, Utility, and Cash for young adults to assist with their bright future. After working for a certain period of time, the young adults will be given the apartment. (You can also sell it to the organization)

By April 20th, We provide you:

1. Sample work of PR, images, and animation video.
2. List of PR website that you can choose from.
3. Steps with screenshots how to publish the PR on each PR website.

You will be...

1. Change one or two words from the sample PR and save your own, one each for Hit Hollywood, World Business Learning and Remote Work Company. (Literally changing 1 word is sufficient)
2. Choose 4 websites to publish PR on.
3. Follow the steps/screen shot guidance and publish 3 PR per Website. (12 total total)

Posting Articles on Hit Hollywood Magazine

HH Official Writers will be given a HH Official Writer Account. (Different from the HH Billboard Account which anyone can register) You will be completing your bio by adding your nickname/pseudonym, Avatar, email address, etc. Then Start Posting & Share your work on Hit Hollywood on your Social Media! Also, please confirm a payment method that you can receive payments from us.

1. Set Up your Account!

On Hit Hollywood Website, HH Official Writers will be given a HH Official Writer Account. This is readers can visit to know who you are and what works you uploaded on there. Think of it as your youtube channel with all of your work listed and found. Readers can like, leave feedbacks, and tip you to support you on this page. Please make sure that you put your nickname/pseudonym, avatar, and fill out other required fields..

2. Set up a Zelle account to receive payments!

Please set up you Zelle Account so that you can receive payments from us! We highly recommend Zelle just because there is no transaction fee. PayPal is also available, yet, fees will be deducted through transactions. Checks are no longer available due to COVID-19 and out-of-country workers. If you prefer, our front office is still open from Monday Through Friday from 11am to 4pm PST in Hollywood, 6715 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028. Appointments ONLY so please contact us in advance to come in to receive cash (ID and Face Mask Required). 5 minutes away from Hollywood and Highland Metro Train Station.

3. Start Posting and Sharing on Social Media!

Once ready, go ahead and start posting on Hit Hollywood. Utilize this platform and earn subscribers, as well as tips! Market yourself and your work, promote your work outside of Hit Hollywood. No other writers but you, HH Official Writers can post on HH Magazine until 5/1 so please post as much as you can for you and us to get attention! After all, have fun!!

Website is still under development, further notice will be given to you once ready. From now on....

If you were to contact us, please contact @

Email: contact@hithollywood.com
Phone: (805) 552-6130

For sooner reply & higher chance with less busy line! (Limited to SIGNED HH Official Writers ONLY as of Now)