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Available Positions as of 3/28/20

Due to COVID-19, all the works are commission-based (no base-pay) and done remotely from home. Yet, we are dedicated to work towards our goal and for youth, young adults, and their bright future!

Also we are creating job opportunities for people who are facing unemployment due to this economic situation. Though we can  

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Existing Jons

Currently not hiring due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Job Descriptions

"Talent Agent" Scout / Acquisition (Independent Contractor - HR Specialist / Recruiter)

NGO Earth Agent is assisting a young entrepreneur with talent agency business in Los Angeles. The talent agency, “Fairy Forest Agency” is new and seeking to acquire great talent agents to work with. 

In general, every single talent agent in California has to be licensed by the State of California. On top of going through all the insurance, business registration, live scan, application process and much more, it would cost approximately $800~900 and takes up to 45 days to be licensed. Fairy Forest Agency covers the licensing, finding talents, website, and all the marketing tools that talent agents need all for $369. 

“Talent Agent” Scout/Acquisition is responsible for finding great and suitable person for this talent agent position. Once the talent agent has been licensed by Fairy Forest Agency, NGO Earth Agent will show our appreciation with $60 Referral Fee to the “Talent Agent” Scout/Acquisition.

All the materials and information needed are available in PDF.

Marketing Director/Staff

Due to the coronavirus, many young adults have lost their jobs as a part-timer, server, and retail shop/fast food store employee etc. 

NGO Earth Agent will begin this “Emergency” fundraising project by collecting donations to support those young adults! All the fundraising will be held ONLINE collaborating with influencers on Facebook & YouTube. 

Marketing Director/Staff will be reaching out to those influencers to run this online promotion with the influencers. In return, Marketing Director/Staff and Influencer will receive a compensation based on the contribution towards Youth & Young Adults.

Quick Online Training is available upon request.

Content/Video Creator

We are seeking for content/video creator for our Monetized YouTube Channel. Any videos from Drive recorder, your pets to regular Youtuber video Accepted. 

This is a new fundraising department called “Media Department” as our Youtube Channel has been just monetized. We would like to expand this department by uploading more videos on our channel.

30% of the profit from the video will be donated and the rest 70% will be paid to the creator of the video. 

*$30 Donation Required to be a video creator